Customized products made of sails

Our partner SAILMATE designs and customizes innovative products for business customers that save resources up to a maximum, consume less water, emit low emissions and use almost no new materials.

Innovative accessories and products that are made out of upcycled sails, that have seen a lot of adventure through their previous life on boats. Customers can print or embroider their own branding on the products.

Endless space, strong winds, waves. The sea is a place of longing that also keeps on attracting SAILMATE founder Anna. But the intense experience of the forces of nature has been joined in recent years by another observation: Plastic and pollution. Anna decided to take action and chose the most exciting material from her sea adventures for her brand accessory: Sails.

Sails withstand the elements, they are reliable and virtually indestructible. But in order to withstand the extreme weather conditions on the high seas, they have to be replaced regularly. This has turned them into waste, at least until Anna stepped in and made used sails the core resource of her accessory line. Since 2018 she and Marko have been designing bags, aprons and other beautiful things for companies and brands that offer their customers not only nautical flair, but also sincere sustainability. The possibilities and options of product design as well as branding are endless.

Why products from SAILMATE are so good

  • Resource gentle: to avoid waste and overproduction SAILMATE produces on demand only. Plus: Sails are highly durable and can be washed at 30 degrees in the machine using high-twisted and sealed PES fibers.
  • Upcycling: at the end of their first life on sailing boat sails are waste, SAILMATE however gives them a second life
  • No new materials: Upcycling avoids new production, less polyester fibres are needed
  • Social: social impact production possible (in Amsterdam and Hamburg with workshops that employ migrants)
  • High quality material: The functionality of upcycled sails is far better than comparable materials (i.e. cotton, leather) in terms of durability and maintenance (dirt repellent, washable)
  • SAILMATE has invested in digitalisation to optimise the process of designing and sample-making to speed up the customer service and avoid CO2 emission.


  • Customized sizes - you decide
  • Individualization: print, embroidery
  • Materials used: Used sailcloth (mostly dacron polyester), straps, trims (i.e. keyholders, zippers), lining
  • Origins of materials: local sailmakers that are close to the customer, i.e. Netherlands, Germany but theoretically all around the world
  • Production located in: design patterns and samples in Amsterdam; local production in Amsterdam, Hamburg or Sangerhausen (Germany)
  • production places with social impact are in Amsterdam and Hamburg (production by workshops that employ migrants)
  • Order details: delivery depends upon specifications, shipped Europe wide


And what are the added values for you?

  • unique and durable products for merchandising, sponsoring or employee branding
  • make a statement against overproduction and waste and for more responsibility in supply chains
  • strong brand cooperation: SAILMATE supports hosts and customers with storytelling material, filming the whole production process


"Our motivation is to offer sustainable and fair products made of sails and to avoid overproduction and waste through customization." Anna from SAILMATE

Upon customer request, individual products are developed and additionally provided with the branding of the host.

Why sails? Sails are particularly durable, little stainable because of their high-turned and sealed PES fiber and also washable by 30 degrees in the washing machine.

SAILMATE founder Anna

»Our mission: Avoiding waste and overproduction by customizing and producing on demand.«